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Healingsource is a trusted and reliable Medical Tourism Company based in Bengaluru India. As long as we have been in existence, Healingsource has been a valuable asset to many traveling in India for Medical Tourism. With a proven track record, we value your time and your health equally. 

Healing source believes in the power of communication and personal attention. From the very moment you set foot in the country of your choice, we are there constantly as a guiding force, looking after your accommodation, treatment cycle, choice of doctors etc.

We are always a call away for any Medical Tourism related query.



Response Time

Compared to many other Medical Tourism companies in India, Healingsource guarantees a considerably quicker response time to your queries. We understand Medical Treatments can't wait, and hence our process is time bound and focused. 


Healingsource as a company works in perfect co-ordination with some of the best doctors in India. While you are here for treatment we assure the treatment is provided via well known doctors and hospitals.  


Support is key to any service. Healingsource pays a lot of attention to providing extensive support before and after treatment. Our support has gained us a lot of client confidence, something we cherish. 


Reliability in Medical Tourism is extremely critical. Healinsource through its long list of services keep reliability right at the helm of things.    

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Personal Attention
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Clients Say  

  • Healing source has been a very helpful and supportive company. I came to India for treatment and even at the outset was a little skeptical. But personnel from healing source made sure it was a smooth journey all the way. Amazing experience.
    Ali Hameed

    29 years

  • Coming from Africa all the way to India was a tough decision, but was made easy by Healingsource. From start to end, great services. You should pick them confidently.
    Alika Thomas

    37 years

  • If you really need someone to help you with great doctors and less expensive treatments, these guys are the best. Next time you want to travel for medical purposes, ask these guys.

    52 years