Best Cardiologist in India


Cardiology is involves medicine that focuses on treatment of ailments such as heart failure, congenital heart defects, valvular heart disease, and coronary heart disease. India is becoming a sort after destination for heart related treatments.

Best Orthopedic Treatment in India


There has been a steady increase in cost of Orthopedic treatments across the globe. Many patients now are traveling to India for treatment of hips, knees, shoulders and spine.

Best Neurology Treatment in India


Neurology deals with treatment of the central, peripheral and autonomous nervous system. In more developed countries neurological treatments are expensive. Places like India are helping patients looking for reliable alternatives.

Best Organ Transplant Hospital in India

Organ Transplant

Organ transplant is critical, and equally expensive. Indian has now become a successful alternative for many seeking organ transplant. With latest technology and qualified doctors backing it up.

Cancer Surgery Cost in India


India stands right up there when it comes to Cancer treatments. With the finest surgeons and hospitals around, providing the best cost, surgery techniques and post treatment care.

Bariatric Surgery Medical Tourism India

Bariatric Surgery

Obesity has become a serious concern, worst still it effects the heart. Traveling across countries to get bariatric surgery has become common, because of the lower cost,and advanced surgical techniques.

Best Gastroenterology Treatment in India


Stomach problems are increasingly becoming common. India caters to a large number of people coming for treatments related to Gastroenterology.

Ophthalmology Medical Tourism India


Any surgery related to the eye is specialized, and needs that extra bit of precision. These treatments are out of reach for most in expensive countries. Countries like India are at the forefront in various Ophthalmology related treatments.

Cosmetic Surgery Cost in india


Cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery is generally expensive and needs special attention. Healing source has ties with some of the best hospitals and doctors who can make every procedure simple and cost effective.

Best Infertility Treatment in India


Lot of women across the globe need treatment for infertility. The cost of treatment in India is significantly lower then many other countries. We have successfully tied up with many infertility clinics to provide the best services.

Kidney Treatment India


India has become a hub for any kind of kidney treatments which are critical and need state of the art infrastructure. Treatment in India also has two major advantages: low waiting periods and affordable prices.



Dentistry has become very important with an increase in dental related disorders. India has become a sought after destination for any treatments related to dentistry.